Submersible Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

The submersible hydrostatic level transmitter WL420 has been designed for continuous liquid level monitoring in water wells, reservoirs, tanks, boreholes, rivers and other liquids.

The submersible unit measures the static pressure of the liquid column above the transmitter and transmits a current signal proportional to the water column to the instrumentation above.

The highly stable 316L stainless steel diaphragm sensor is fully compatible to raw or chlorinated water and most semi-aggressive liquids.

Supplied with a special vented cable to compensate the atmospheric pressure changes, it accurately transmits the measured liquid level. The application-dependent cable length can be defined at the time of purchase to the desired extent and can also be customer adapted at the application site.

Several measurement ranges are available for a wide range of applications, allowing their use with local or remote panel meters, data loggers or PLCs.

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Submersible Hydrostatic Level Transmitter WL420

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